USDT Deposit Guide - FTX

How to deposit with credit card via FTX

Step 1. Register for an account at
Step 2. Once registered, you will be required to complete an Identity Verification process.
Step 3. Complete the verification process. Depending on the “Country of residency”, you may be required to enter your mobile number to request for a verification code. Click on “Submit Information” at the bottom of the page once you are done.
Step 4. You will be redirected to complete the verification process. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Step 5. Once you submit your information, it may take up to 5 minutes for the system to complete the process. Please be patient and do not close your browser during this time.
Step 6. Once you see this screen, it means that the process is complete. You are not required to upload any more additional documents.
Step 7. Click on “WALLET” at the top left menu and “CARD DEPOSIT”. Next, click “ADD CARD”. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.
Step 8. Once you have successfully funded your wallet with USD using your credit card, you will need to click “CONVERT” to buy USDT with your USD. Make sure you select “USD Tether” as shown in the screenshot below. Enter the amount which you wish to convert to USDT and click “CONVERT”.
Step 9. After you have converted your USD to USDT, you will need to Enable 2FA in order to transfer the USDT from FTX to your FOX wallet. Choose your preferred method of 2FA and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.
Step 10. You will need to withdraw the USDT from FTX and transfer it to your FOX wallet:-
(A) Enter the amount you wish to transfer. This amount must be the same as the amount which you have entered in your FOX account under “Deposit Funds”.
(B) The USDT Address can be found on the “Deposit Funds” page on your FOX Account.
(C) IMPORTANT: You must select “TRON TRC20” as the withdrawal method or your funds will be permanently lost!
(D) Click on “WITHDRAW” once you have checked and ensured all the details are correct.
Step 11. On your FOX account, click on I’ve Transferred. The transfer may take between 1 to 2 working days and the amount will be reflected in your FOX account.