Rank Request Guide

How to Apply for Promotion to Introducing Broker (IB) Rank

Step 1. Log in to your Member’s Page at https://login.fortuneoxption.com. Click on “My Account” > “Accounts”.
Click on the Gear icon on the right and select “Rank Request”.
Step 2. You will be given the option to select your Rank Request from the dropdown list. The criteria for the Ranks are explained in the next step. You MUST fill up the comment section with the reason (e.g. Achieved criteria) for your application, otherwise it will be rejected.
Step 3. Minimum Net Deposit must be maintained at all times. Failure to do so will result in a demotion to the next qualifying rank based on current net deposit. For KIB*, the assessment criteria will include daily personal and downline trading volume, as well as total net deposit.
Note: The Minimum Net Deposit will be revised from time to time at the Company’s discretion. Existing IBs will not be subjected to the revisions.
Rank Minimum Net Deposit (USD)
IB 1,000
MIB 2,000
PIB 4,000
Other T&Cs applies.
Step 4. Click on “Add Request” after you have filled up the “COMMENTS” section. Your request may take up to 2 working days to be processed.