Benefits of Trading Digital Options


All complexities of trading simplified into one question, “Will the price go up or down?”


See results in as short as 60 seconds. Multiple expiration timeframes to choose from.


Just 0.1 pip movement in the right direction to earn up to 78% of investment amount.

Low Risks

Risks and rewards are pre-determined. Full risk is capped at the invested amount.


Trade in both bearish and bullish conditions. Shorting the market is equally profitable.

Open an account with just $100 Deposit

No need for huge start-up capital to embark towards financial freedom

Place a trade with just $1

Trading rewards are not compromised even on smaller trade amounts

Trade within the secure MT4 environment

Capitalize on opportunities anytime within the safe and secured MT4 platform

It has never been easier to access the global markets from one trading account. Take a position today.