Bank Transfer (Malaysian Ringgit) Deposit Guide

How to convert MYR to USD and deposit into your FOX wallet

Step 1. Log in to your Member’s Page at Click on “My Account” > “Deposit Funds”.
Select FIAT(MYR). Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click “Next Step”.
Step 2. You will be redirected to 5Pay’s payment page. On the top right corner, you will be able to select the language. You can also see the amount of MYR required (depending on the day’s exchange rate). Enter your name as per what you have registered with Fortune Option Xpert. Click “Submit and get Beneficiary’s Details”.
Step 3. Log in to your personal online banking platform (Maybank, CIMB, etc). You will need to do an online transfer to 5Pay with the Beneficiary Details.
(A) You will be allocated your own Unique Beneficiary Details! DO NOT use the beneficiary details from any other sources!
(B) Please remember to include the “Transfer Remark Note” to your bank and also upload your payment receipt once you have completed the transfer.
(C) Use real-time transfer (instant transfer), so that the coin seller can receive the payment immediately to process the order. This will help to expedite the speed of your account being deposited into.