What is Auto-Trading Platform (ATP)?

ATP is similar to the Percentage Allocation Money Management (PAMM) system in many forex brokerage firm. 

It is basically a form of pooled money by various investors that allows the main trader to trade for them. In our context, it will be the ATP Provider (Trading Robots) that is trading for you. 

The aim is to help investors generate profits without investors trading themselves.

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Why is "ATP" different from other PAMM providers?

All ATP Providers have gone through our risk assessment to grade their trading strategy and risk management of their trading portfolio for at least 1 to 3 months before they are allowed to post as a Master Trader in our ATP invest portal.

Their trading records are also verified and certified by Myfxbook to ensure that their trading strategies are safe and profitable for the interest of our clients.

This is to ensure that all trading robots are of a certain standard as we understand that these products will be used by users of different trading experiences.

If you are a beginner trader or are too busy to analyse before making a trade, then this will be perfect for you. Let the Auto-Trading Platform trade for you!

How does ATP work?

In order to better understand the ATP Provider, investors are advised to take note of the parameters that are shown in the ATP Invest portal. 

The parameters shown in the ATP Invest Portal are criteria and filters that facilitates the selection of reliable ATP Provider. Below are the list of parameters explained to better prepare investors’ decision:

1. Followers: Number of investors following ATP Provider.
2. Auto-Trading platform (ATP) System Name button (Orange in colour): Navigates to a new page which gives more details about the ATP Provider
3. Total Fund Balance: Total amount of investment in ATP Provider
4. Country: Where the ATP Platform provider is from.
5. Total ROI: Total trading returns from the ATP Provider (Each ATP Provider needs to go through a minimum trading period of 1 to 3 months before they are allowed to join the ATP Invest Portal.)
6. Previous Month’s ROI: Previous Month trading returns from the ATP Provider.
7. Risk Level: Rating provided by Fortune Oxption of how risky a ATP Provider is. The higher the percentage, the riskier the ATP Provider.
8. Profit Sharing: Amount of profits to be shared to the ATP Provider upon ending of investment with the ATP Provider.
9. Lock-in Period: Minimum period investor funds will be locked with the ATP Provider
10. Portfolio Stop Loss: The percentage of losses whereby the investor will maximum incur when following the ATP Provider.
11. Minimum Investment: The minimum amount needed to invest in the ATP Provider

How To Get Started?

Step 1

Sign Up

 Sign Up With Fortune Option Xpert & Complete The Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Verification.

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(Typically Less Than 12 Hours)

Step 2

Deposit & Trade

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Step 3

Convert & Withdraw

After You Have Fulfilled The Trading Criteria, Your Cash Convertible Trading Credits Will Be Converted Into Cash. You May Withdraw Both Your Credits & Profits Generated From Trading.

Step 4

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Auto-Trading Platform Provider List

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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQs Related To Our Giveaways

  1. To help Fortune Option Xpert members get used to our trading platform and features.
  2. To boost confidence of new traders when they follow the trades of master providers on “Auto-Trading” Platform.
  3. To boost clients’ trading account so that they can reap more profits with lesser risk.
  4. To celebrate the launch of our Auto-Trading Platform.

You can use the $100 Trading credits to join our “Auto-Trading Platform”.

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In order to convert these Bonus credits to cash, you will need to fulfill a Forex or Metals trading volume of 10 lots to convert every $50 within 90 calendar days from account opening.

Manual trading, robot trading or trading using “Auto-Trading” Platform will attribute to the trading volume requirement of 10 lots.

No. You cannot withdraw the trading credits immediately, however you can trade and convert it into cash and withdraw both your profits and trading credits once you fulfilled the criteria.

Refer to the Terms & Conditions reflected below [FOX Referral Program $50 USD Bonus]

First, you have to sign up and verify your identity with FOX.

Second, login into our FOX dashboard and grab your affiliate link or QR code.

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Auto-Trading Platform (ATP)

FAQs Related To Our Platform

Auto-Trading Platform is a pooled group trading whereby Master Traders trade on behalf of investors. 

Singapore, Unites States, and other sanction countries.

Yes, you definitely can. However, all ATP Providers have gone through our risk assessment to grade their trading strategy and risk management of their trading portfolio for at least 1 to 3 months before they are allowed to post as a Master Trader in our ATP invest portal.

Definitely NO. The benefits of ATP is that investors do not need to setup their servers to run the auto-trading platform. It is hosted by Fortune Oxption’s server in the United States.

You can start depositing via debit/credit card, Bank Transfer Or Cryptocurrencies like USDT.. We partner with a few payment providers like Transak, Wise and 5Pay to provide the best depositing methods.

Yes, we are highly regulated by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network as a Forex Dealer in the United States MSB Registration number 31000187747479. It is a USA Treasury department that fights against financial crimes and scams.