Auto-Trading Platform (ATP) Guide​

the future of
online trading

How to get started

Sign Up for a
Fortune Oxption Account
Deposit Funds
to your Account
Go to the ATP Invest Portal and
Select a Robot Provider to invest with
Let the Robot
Trade for you!

It takes just 4 simple steps to start investing with Auto-Trading Platform. Details of each Auto-Trading Platform can be viewed in the ATP Invest Portal. 

Letting investors choose the type of investment that best suit your risk comfort level. Other than trading for you, the system also helps you trade in peace.

Auto-Trading Platform Investment Guide

1. Login into the CRM portal and navigate to the ATP Invest Portal on the left hand side of the website. 

After clicking on ATP Invest Portal, there will be 2 selections: Join As Investor & Portfolio. Click on “Join As Investor”

2. In the “Join As Investor” Page, investors can choose how much they will like to invest to a particular Auto-Trading (ATP) Provider.

3. By clicking on the Orange button with the name of the Auto-Trading Provider (ATP) Provider, it will navigate you to a new page whereby you will be to find out more about the robot.

4. After clicking on “Invest Now”, there will be a pop up window for investor to input the amount they will like to invest to the ATP Provider.

5. Investors can go to the “Portfolio” tab under ATP Invest Portal to check their investment portfolio and status. 

Investors can find out whether the investment is able to close off (detach) or check the details of their investments.

6. Once the Detachment is successful, the funds will be returned to investors Primary Account.